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Outline of Our Product Range

Classic Bread ~ Artisan Bread ~ Craft Bread

Our Bakery has been in daily production for about 130 years and is the oldest working Bakery in Bristol as such our customer base has wide-ranging expectations regarding the food that they buy. For this reason, we bake a wide range of products, so that customers can more easily identify which of our products fits with their eating philosophy we have categorised our range as in the panel above.


Our commitment is to make available to our customers the ingredients and how they are processed to make an informed choice as to what best suits them. Clearly, this information cannot be entirely comprehensive, but the product categories should help considerably.



Classic Range




Stoneground Wholemeal




Six Seed tin bread


Wholemeal Spelt bread

Using organic ingredients, traditional complete fermentation methods and hand-crafted techniques. The only machinery used in processing the doughs is a mixer and an oven. The baker’s skill and judgment ascertain when the dough is ready to progress through the various stages of the bread-making process, and all portioning and moulding (shaping) is by hand.


We use Dove’s Farm of Hungerford to mill our organic flour. Essential Trading of Bristol supplies other organic ingredients. Sea salt is the only salt used, and NO ADDITIVES ARE USED WHATSOEVER. We do not hold Organic Certification because, in our experience, the burden of paperwork is too much for a two-shop high street bakery business such as ours.


The Process

Please note that the Organic Certification is no protection against the industrial style short-process fermentation (or lack of fermentation) that is the norm in supermarket bought bread. The reason is that the antioxidant ‘Ascorbic acid’ is permitted in certified organic bread. Ascorbic acid is not harmful in itself. It is also known as vitamin C. We use some of it ourselves in our ‘Craft’ range, but its primary purpose is to reduce the fermentation time and speed up the processing, thus reducing cost. This is not what we wish to do with our ‘Classic’ bread, where we aim to produce good, wholesome, healthy bread using age-old techniques.



Artisan Range


Original Sourdough


Mild White Sourdough


50/50 Wheat and Rye with rye sourdough ferment 


Pain Tradition




Sourdough Rye


100% Rye Sourdough


Brown Sourdough (c.83% extraction)

Our Artisan Bread range is processed using the same ethos as our Classic range, but the flour, seeds and other ingredients may not be Organic. Our artisan bread is fully fermented under controlled conditions, using traditional British and European methods to produce bread of real character and with great flavour. Most of them are ‘oven-bottom baked’ (stone-baked), sea salt is the only salt used, and we will not use any additives whatsoever.



Craft Range

Split tins


White Flat tins and Farmhouse white bread


Maltflake malted wheat bread


Wholemeal tin bread






Konig Ludwig Brot


Crusty and Soft Cob Rolls


Overnight rolls


soft white rolls

This range encompasses everything that is not Classic or Artisan. We make craft bread with non-organic flour and ingredients, including ascorbic acid. The permitted limit for ascorbic acid in bread is at a maximum rate of 200ppm, but we would typically use about 1/4 of this. We no longer use emulsifiers in any of our bread and do not use L-cysteine.


Our Craft Baked bread aims to produce good quality bread with character using all the skills of a professional baker. Most of these bread will incorporate pre-dough or sourdough ferments for added texture and flavour, and many are slow fermentation products.