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Range of Confectionery




Outline of Our Confectionery Range

Artisan Confectionery ~ Craft Confectionery

Our Bakery has been in daily production for about 130 years and is the oldest working Bakery in Bristol as such our customer base has wide-ranging expectations regarding the food that they buy. For this reason, we bake a wide range of products, so that customers can more easily identify which of our products fits with their eating philosophy we have categorised our range as in the panel above.


Our commitment is to make available to our customers the ingredients and how they are processed to decide what best suits them. Clearly, this information cannot be entirely comprehensive, but the product categories should help considerably.



Artisan Range

Eccles cake with butter puff pastry


Portokalopita (Greek Orange Filo Cake)


Chocolate Brownies


Butter Scones


Cherry Bakewell Slice


Butter Shortbread


Gingerbread men





We make our Artisan Confectionery using fine quality ingredients and without egg substitutes or artificial colours or flavours. The only fats used will be unsalted English or Irish Butter or vegan-suitable margarine and fresh liquid milk where appropriate.


In essence, the only chemical used in this range is a baking powder used in some of our cakes. You could think of the Artisan range as made by hand from ingredients you could easily find in your kitchen.



Craft Range

Donuts – Ringed, iced, jam & filled


Chelsea buns, Iced Chelsea buns & cinnamon buns




Custard slices


Croissants – Butter, chocolate, almond and raisin

A Craft Confectionery comprises all flour confectionery that is not ‘Artisan’. This will be a large part of our confectionery range which is likely to be made with vegetable margarine which necessarily includes emulsifiers and precludes them from being designated as Artisan.


Please note that we do not use any artificial colours or flavours. Oils and fats, where used, are non-hydrogenated. All confectionery products are suitable for vegetarian diets except for Lardy Cake.